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Monthly reports are now posted to the Google+ page.

Starting with the current (July) report all team monthly reports will now be posted to the Atlantic Team Google+ page.

This will save some duplication of effort, and that links to public G+ posts can be shared just as easily as a link to this blog.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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August 5, 2013 at 12:57 pm

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Atlantic Team Update for June 2013

Credit Per Day - June

Credit Per Day – June

Total Credits Earned in June: 36,021,017

This month the team held its first on-air hangout on Google+. There were some minor technical issues so I’ve taken the video down. Since the Atlantic Team has members spread around the world, it is difficult to pick a timezone that will work for everyone, and there are some bandwith issues that probably limit participation for some members. This is something I thought I’d try, and maybe we will turn to a monthly hangout as a replacement for the blog at some point. I’m still working on plans to consolidate the blog and website, but I haven’t had the time to build the new site yet.

  • GPUGrid is the project getting the most credits at this time.
  • The team has no new members to report this month.

I want to thank Adam and Devin for joining me in the hangout test run.

(Sorry I’m a little late with the report this month, that’s why the chart is missing a few days at the start.)

Great job team! Keep on crunching!



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July 11, 2013 at 7:15 am

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Atlantic Team Update for May 2013

In last month’s report I did a bit of jawboning about the future of the blog… I’m still not sure what I’m going to do yet. In that post I mention the hosting plan for the site expires in March 2014. The tricky thing is that all of my other websites are hosted by a different (local) company that I like. So, moving this blog to the current host for the team website, would only buy a few months of time before I have to renew that hosting plan or decide to move the site again.

Just to be clear, this blog won’t vanish right away, but the domain name has expired and so this blog will revert to:

Credit per day - May

Credit per day – May

The team had a great month, we racked up 42,836,700 credits which brings our total crunching effort to: 180,696,129 credits.

No new members. I received a reply to the comment form at the site, but I guess they changed their mind about joining. I never heard back. It looks like GPUGrid is the most popular project with our team members. You can review the detailed statistics and view the graphs at BOINCStats.

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June 2, 2013 at 10:18 am

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Atlantic Team Update for April 2013

To move or not to move… that is the question.

This blog is hosted at and considering that it is free hosting, I have nothing to complain about. In fact, my experience with WordPress customer service is excellent. The pressing issue is that the domain used for this blog will expire at the end of May. I’ve got a couple of WordPress sites where I maintain dual domains and that is an extra personal expense I need to consider. Money isn’t the only factor, I also think that having one domain for the blog, and another for the website is counter-productive. If I really want to increase exposure for our team and build support for volunteer computing I should focus on a single site that gets more traffic, and is listed higher in search results, right?

The deadline approaching for the domain renewal is more of a call to action, forcing me to finally make a decision I should have made months ago. I need to consolidate the Atlantic Team websites, into a single website.

When I created the team website ( the site was also a training platform for me to learn HTML/CSS and so that site has an “old school” look and feel. I still have a lot to learn but that site really hasn’t been the training tool I had planned because it is the public face of our team and I don’t want to “experiment” on it constantly. That just looks bad – so I haven’t really used that site as a training tool. I have a LAMP server I built for that so I don’t have to work on a live site as I’m learning something new. I’m not a fan of flashy websites and the simple “HTML” look of the website is just fine with me, but I maintain other sites using Drupal and I find that adding features and maintaining sites is much easier with a decent CMS (Content Management System).

I’ve concluded that continuing to maintain the site as an HTML training site doesn’t really sync with the goals of promoting the Atlantic Team and volunteer computing.

The decision presented by the expiration of the domain name has become a little more complicated. It’s not just a matter of “To renew or not to renew…” but a consolidation of two websites that have evolved independently of each other. The sad fact is that it probably won’t be that easy to migrate any content from this blog to a new site, particularly since I will probably use a different CMS (Drupal vs. WordPress). Of course that doesn’t mean the information on this site will vanish, it will just revert to the default WordPress domain name:

Of course I could have planned for all of this since I knew the date domain would expire, but what fun would that be? Now the clock is ticking and I’ve got less than a month to build a new Atlantic Team website that incorporates the blog. One little fly in the ointment is that the team website is hosted with a different company than my other websites and that hosting plan expires March 3, 2014. Now I could just follow my standard procedures and put off the decision to move hosts until the renewal is due, but maybe I should also take this opportunity to consolidate all of my web properties under one hosting plan.

See how a simple decision to renew a domain name has escalated into quite a bit more. Nothing on the Internet is as easy as it appears, is it?

At this time I have two sites that “run on” Drupal and I’ve been building experience with that CMS. In other sites, I’ve used modules to create forums, and aggregate RSS feeds and I think these would make great additions to our team website. Most of the projects have an RSS feed they use to post updates and being able to bring those together on the team website would encourage site visitation and help us all stay informed about what is going on with various projects. Team members are no strangers to our G+ or LinkedIn pages, so maybe a forum is not really needed at this time but it’s nice to know that it could be added later if needed without disrupting the entire site.

As things progress, I’ll post regular updates to the team G+ page, and I’ll update this blog with the final status whenever I sort it all out… by the end of May, right?

And now for our regularly scheduled monthly report…

Atlantic Team - Credit per Day

Atlantic Team – Credit per Day

Atlantic Team Credit as of 4/30 – 138,311,037. Very nice job everyone! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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May 1, 2013 at 9:37 am

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Atlantic Team Update for March 2013 – 100 Million Credits Earned!

My apologies, this month I’m running a bit behind and missed my usual publish date on the first of the month. In a way that’s a good thing, since we just rolled over to 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million) credits today!

100,000,000 – credits returned for volunteer computing projects!

Atlantic Team - Credit Per Day - March

Atlantic Team – Credit Per Day – March

This month we racked up 33,897,301 credits with 3/29 becoming our new Best Day Ever with 2,151,672 credits.

In fact March was an incredibly strong month that had several record-breaking days and we are carrying that momentum right into April. If we take a look it’s clear that the GPU enabled projects are the reason for this massive surge in credits.

Credit divided over projects - March - Atlantic

Credit divided over projects – March – Atlantic


A while back I circulated a survey titled: What projects are you running now?

Currently BOINCStats shows that the Atlantic Team has contributed to 36 projects. I would like to know which projects we are active contributors to. I realize that it’s not uncommon to rotate projects so include projects you’ve contributed to in the last 30 days or that you plan to contribute to in the upcoming 30 days.
Only complete this form if you are a member of the Atlantic Team. Thank you.

Here are the results:

  2. World Community Grid
  3. DistrRTgen
  4. Collatz Conjecture
  6. MilkyWay@home
  7. Einstein@Home
  8. SETI@Home
  9. Climate Prediction
  10. theSkyNet POGS
  11. Asteroids@home
  12. Cosmology@Home
  13. Constellation
  14. SETI@Home Beta
  15. FreeHAL
  16. WUProp@Home
  17. SIMAP
  18. FightMalaria@Home
  19. Malaria Control
  20. Superlink@Technion
  21. yoyo@home

These aren’t listed in any particular order and as indicated many team members will “cycle projects” to spread the credits around. I figured that it would be a smaller number of projects, but it just goes to show that the Atlantic Team fully embraces the spirit of volunteer computing and we do out best to share CPU time with a variety of projects. Thank you for completing the survey.

Great work team!


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April 3, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Atlantic Team Update for February 2013

As I write the monthly report for February I’m confronted with our total for the first day of March. A fantastic figure! Our best day ever! And I will write about that next month since this is the report for February.

Atlantic Team Credit Per Day: February

Atlantic Team Credit Per Day: February

In the month of February the Atlantic Team racked up 19,539,699 credits so the team PWNED January’s 13,735,366 credits and we are off to a great start for 2013. Everyone is doing a fantastic job, we have no new team members to report.

Personally, I’ve been working through some technical issues trying to get BOINC to recognize my GPU on a regular basis. For a while it seemed ok, then I don’t know what happened. Maybe an update or something (I run LInux) and after that sometimes I’ll boot and BOINC will recognize the GPU, others it won’t. So my personal credits have been pretty low with some spikes when the GPU kicks in.

I found a post at that I though solved the problem by changing the sleep delay. This seemed to solve the problem initially, now I’m back to intermittent GPU functionality. I haven’t had much time lately to dig into it and with Linux you never know when an update might come through that might fix/break the delicate BOINC/GPU balance so it will have to wait till I have more time to sort out a permanent solution.

Team member Adam Yusko still blogs about his experiences crunching BOINC projects at his blog, Crunching for Science.

Distributed computing even got a mention in an article at ZDNet titled: Distributed computing for the greater good  which includes a reference to BOINC so perhaps some new crunchers will be joining the cause.

This month, the World Community Grid circulated a survey. If you crunch WCG projects, the survey will be emailed to the account you used to register with WCG. I’m sure they would appreciate it if you take a few minutes to respond.

Thanks to the Atlantic Team members for another record month for 2013. Keep on crunching!

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March 1, 2013 at 8:17 pm

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Atlantic Team Update for January 2013

The Atlantic Team is off to a great start for 2013! Two of our team members have been building new systems using some very powerful GPU’s. We have been breaking all of the team’s previous “Best ten days” records at BOINCStats. Adam Yusko has been blogging about the steps he took to specify parts and build his new system at Crunching for Science.

David De Zwirek was chosen as the Similarity Matrix of Proteins user of the day! David has a pretty good record of making “user of the day” for various projects. A popular guy, young David is!

The team has a new member – hello haithcox! I haven’t spotted haithcox in any of our usual team haunts like our LinkedIn group, or G+ circle. Hopefully they will stop by and say “HI” to us!

Now the big news (drum roll)… The team racked up 13,735,366 credits this month!

BOINC Credits Per Day: January 2013

BOINC Credits Per Day: January 2013

It’s not that hard to spot when the GPU’s are coming into play. So thank you Gert and Adam for hitching your GPU workhorses to the Atlantic Team’s efforts to support BOINC projects!

Your efforts and enthusiasm are appreciated!


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February 1, 2013 at 11:34 am

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